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Why Hawk Trailers

Why Hawk Trailers?

Harcourt Trailers specializes in Hawk Horse Trailers because they are the strongest, safest, and most versatile trailers in the market. Moreover, Hawk shares our commitment to putting the customer and their horses first. Like us, they are most concerned with the safety and comfort of horses and the ease of handling for owners.

While other manufacturers produce cookie-cutter trailers designed for high-speed production, Hawk Horse Trailers can be designed for your own custom needs. We can build your trailer to your unique specifications. Moreover, the customizable features and options from Hawk won't break your budget. While trying to get a quality horse trailer built to spec from other manufacturers may be either expensive or impossible, Hawk has both some of the best standard features and the most affordable custom options in the industry. See why Hawk Trailers are Your Horse's Choice.

Designed for Your and Your Horse

  • Safety first – Low angle ramps, extra-strong sidewalls fully padded and lined, no sharp edges, extra padding where others don't
  • Spacious and comfortable - Standard 7'-6" high x 72" wide – Option 7'-8" high x 80" wide – Additional sizes available
  • Long lasting – Excellent resale value
  • The strongest, safest, and most versatile trailer on the market
  • Travel calm, relaxed, and worry free


  • Galvanized steel
  • 5" & 7" formed "Z" frame
  • Strongest in the industry
  • No rust
  • 3 times stronger than aluminum


  • Galvanneal tubing side frame
  • Galvanneal sheet steel on interior wall
  • Painted aluminum skin on exterior wall - No acid wash
  • 1" insulation between walls from floor to roof - Climate control and sound reduction


  • Made of fiberglass
  • Seamless one piece – No leaks
  • Reflects the sun, does not conduct heat
  • Trailer stays 20°-25° cooler
  • Reinforced with galvanneal tubing - Strong so you can walk on it

Standard Horse Area Parts

  • Versatile – Removable post, partitions, dividers and gates
  • Powder coated parts
  • Fully lined and padded
  • Rear header pad - first in the industry, designed for the horses safety in mind
  • Feed bags come standard and are inviting - Keeps them calm and comfortable while loading and riding
  • Windows are extra-large and come with screens and bar guards – Allows plenty of fresh air to enter the trailer

Custom Color Options

  • Standard body colors include pewter, silver, or white
  • Options for any color
  • Stripe, frame, ramps, fenders and roof radius all custom color matched to your vehicle at no additional charge
  • Vinyl graphics – One design with two standard color options:
    • Black with dark charcoal accent
    • Dark charcoal with red accent
  • Other vinyl graphics colors available at additional cost